Youth Action Committee (YAC)

What is YAC?

Our Youth Action Committee (YAC) brings together mid-Michigan teens to lead and serve their community. YAC members participate in service projects and award thousands of dollars in grants to local youth-serving organizations. There are YAC branches in St. Johns, Charlotte and the Greater Lansing area.


The YAC participates in service and volunteer activities like LoveCharlotte projects, the St. Johns Rake -N-Run event, and the Wall of Love in Lansing, where YAC members assembled bags of personal supplies and snacks for anyone in need.


YAC grant award decisions are made BY youth, FOR youth, to address current issues that concern youth. The most recent Youth Survey revealed that the most pressing issues facing teens in the tri-county area are:

  • Teen Mental Health (Depression, anxiety, suicide, self-harm)
  • Abuse (substance, sexual, emotional, racism, sexism, bullying, cyberbullying)
  • Stress (academic, family, social, emotional, employment readiness)
  • Basic Needs (homelessness and food insecurity) especially families affected by Covid-19.

In 2020, the YAC granted more than $60,000 to charities serving youth in Clinton, Eaton, and Ingham counties!



We are actively seeking donations to support the work of our Youth Action Committee. Your donations will help the YAC to make more grants to nonprofits in our local community.

Be part of the action and support the Youth Fund!

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Awareness of Teen Issues:

The YAC recently hosted an online conversation about Mental Health, presented by NAMI. Here are some of the resources presented.

Resources for Teen Mental Health:

Seize the Awkward

How to Help A Friend

National Suicide Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK

National Alliance on Mental Illness - Lansing (NAMI)

History of YAC:

In 1991, in efforts to engage youth in the grant making process, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation sponsored a Youth Challenge to all community foundations across the state, with two requirements: 1) Raise one million dollars for a local Youth Endowment Fund, to be matched by the Kellogg Foundation; and 2) Create a local Youth Action Committee to oversee this fund and make grants for youth programs in their own community.

In 1992, the Capital Region Community Foundation met this challenge, and created a local YAC that has been active ever since, engaging young people in philanthropy. Since its inception, the tri-county YAC has granted a total of $1,120,396 for local youth programs!


The local Youth Endowment Fund is invested carefully by the Capital Region Community Foundation, to grow over time and increase the availability of grant funds each year. YAC members also fundraise to support grantmaking and re-investing in the Youth Fund.


Check out this Lansing State Journal article about the Youth Action Committee!


Ready to be a community leader?

There are YAC groups in Greater Lansing, Charlotte, and St. Johns.

Students: Click HERE to submit your profile information.

Please contact us with any questions.

Tracy Russman, YAC Advisor

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