Up to $5,000

Mini-Grants are perfect for smaller organizations that seek programming or project support. These opportunities are presented for consideration to donors with funds at the Community Foundation. Mini-grants may be funded at any time throughout the year based on the giving interests of the fundholder. Historically, our donors support requests for initiatives that provide direct benefit to residents of the Capital Region.

2022 Donor Mini-Grant Funding Opportunities


  • The applicant’s annual operating budget cannot exceed $250,000.
  • Mini-Grants can be requested for ongoing programming or operations.
  • Mini-Grants are best suited to programs or projects that are not time-sensitive. There is no guarantee that your proposal will be selected for full or partial funding, or that it will be funded within a certain time frame.

Grant Tips: Here are a few tips for a successful mini-grant application.

  • Be concise about what the grant will fund.
  • Be specific in the impact that the funds will have, either on your organization or those you serve. Avoid phrases like “Helping those in need”, “Empowering youth”, or “Feeding the hungry” - these are too general and do not help the donor understand what they are supporting with their funds.
  • Remember that our donor advisors will be receiving 20-25 mini-grant applications for their consideration. You will need to be clear and compelling in your request to stand out!


  • The grant application period is Monday, December 6, 2021 – Monday, February 7, 2022.
  • Mini-grant requests will be presented to our fundholders three times throughout the 2022 calendar year for their consideration.

SAMPLE Mini-Grant Application (for review only, do not submit)