Up to $5,000

Mini-Grants are perfect for smaller organizations that seek programming or project support, up to $5,000. These opportunities are presented for consideration to donors with funds at the Community Foundation throughout the year.


  • The period to apply for a 2023 mini-grant is now closed. (December 9, 2022 - February 10, 2023)
  • Mini-grant requests are published in our Opportunities Catalog, which will be presented to potential funders several times throughout 2023 for their consideration. Grant applicants will be notified right away if their project is selected for partial or full funding.
  • All mini-grant requests will automatically close on December 31, 2023.

Important to Know

Mini-Grants are offered to help support smaller organizations; therefore applicants must have an operating budget under $250,000.

Mini-Grants can be requested for ongoing programming or operations. There is no guarantee that mini-grants will be fully or partially funded, or within a certain timeframe. Please do not request sponsorships for your event or other time-sensitive projects.

Mini grant requests are compiled and presented to donors for consideration, as in the link below. There is no guarantee that mini-grants will be funded or within a certain timeframe.

2022 Mini-Grant Funding Opportunities

Grant Tips: Here are a few tips for a successful mini-grant application.

  • Be concise about what the grant will fund.
  • Be specific in the impact that the funds will have, either on your organization or those you serve. Avoid phrases like “Helping those in need”, “Empowering youth”, or “Feeding the hungry” - these are too general and do not help the donor understand what they are supporting with their funds.
  • Remember that our donor advisors will be receiving 35-40 mini-grant applications for their consideration. To stand out, you will need to be clear and compelling in your request!

SAMPLE Mini-Grant Application (for review only, do not submit)