Up to $5,000

Mini-Grants are perfect for smaller organizations that seek programming or project support, up to $5,000. These opportunities are presented for consideration to donors with funds at the Community Foundation throughout the year.

The 2023 Mini-Grant application period is now closed.

Important to Know

Mini-Grants are offered to help support smaller organizations; therefore applicants must have an operating budget under $250,000.

Mini-Grants can be requested for ongoing programming or operations. There is no guarantee that mini-grants will be fully or partially funded, or within a certain timeframe. Please do not request sponsorships for your event or other time-sensitive projects.

Mini grant requests are compiled and presented to donors for consideration, as in the link below. There is no guarantee that mini-grants will be funded or within a certain timeframe.

2022 Mini-Grant Funding Opportunities

Grant Tips: Here are a few tips for a successful mini-grant application.

  • Be concise about what the grant will fund.
  • Be specific in the impact that the funds will have, either on your organization or those you serve. Avoid phrases like “Helping those in need”, “Empowering youth”, or “Feeding the hungry” - these are too general and do not help the donor understand what they are supporting with their funds.
  • Remember that our donor advisors will be receiving 35-40 mini-grant applications for their consideration. To stand out, you will need to be clear and compelling in your request!


  • The 2023 Mini-Grant application period is now closed. (December 9, 2022 - February 10, 2023)
  • Mini-grant requests will be presented to our fundholders three times throughout the calendar year for their consideration.

SAMPLE Mini-Grant Application (for review only, do not submit)