35 Hours of Giving

Strengthening nonprofits for the future

Hosted by the Community Foundation, 35 Hours of Giving is an endowment building campaign designed to provide a platform and resources to mid-Michigan nonprofits who wish to grow their agency endowment fund at the Community Foundation. For our inaugural year, 35 Hours of Giving ran from 7am on May 3 and until 6pm on May 4, 2023 at 35hours.ourcommunity.org.

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35 Hours of Giving will return in May 2025!

For the pilot event in 2023, 17 nonprofits joined hands with the Community Foundation to participate in 35 Hours of Giving. Of these, 15 already held an endowment fund at the Foundation, while 2 used this opportunity to begin one.

Our 2023 participating nonprofits:

Thank you to our partners!

35 Hours of Giving sponsors

I believe highly in local nonprofits. I'm a big believer in the endowment - the opportunity for a small nonprofit to put their money in an organization that has the resources to make those dollars work better for them. 35 Hours of Giving is supporting these endowed funds.

– Eileen Fhaner