Membership Information

Are you ready to make a real difference?

You can be a philanthropist today, and it doesn't take millions of dollars.

Our members come in all shapes and sizes. All it takes is love of community, passion for doing good, and a $500 annual contribution.

Read through the details in this flyer and below and fill out your Underground of Good contribution form. You can mail the form with a check, bring it to the next meeting, or email the form and call with your credit card information.

How it works:

You give $500 every year: $400 to quarterly grants the group makes to local charities ($100/quarter) and $100 invested in an endowment fund at the Community Foundation.

The group meets quarterly at bars and restaurants around town. Every meeting has a theme and members suggest local charities working to address issues related to the theme. The group randomly selects three charities from those suggested. From the three, members vote on the charity they want to support with the quarter's grant.

Each grant is made up of each member's $100 quarterly contribution and any additional gifts or matching donations the group receives. Once the endowment fund reaches $100,000, earnings from the fund will supplement the quarterly grant.

Underground of Good Leadership

Two volunteer co-chairs lead the group, with tax receipting and grantmaking support from the Foundation.

Our 2024 Co-Chairs

Tracy Darnell

Tricia Carter

Questions? Please contact the Community Foundation.