Why Donors Partner With Us

You care about your community and ensuring our region is a vibrant and thriving place to call home.

You have a vision for making a difference in the community; we offer a number of customized charitable funds focused on improving the our community. Starting with your vision, we work with you to create the most impactful and effective ways to give back.


  1. We Grow Your Charitable Dollars
    It’s simple and quick to open a fund that will be invested for growth. Your gift will be placed in our highly diversified asset pool, benefiting from the guidance of experienced professional investment managers. We do the work while you get the joy of giving.
  2. Creative and Easy Ways to Give
    We offer abundant choices to make current gifts, deferred gifts and gifts that provide you with income. We will work with you and your professional advisor to identify your best giving options.
  3. Maximum Tax Benefits
    Your contributions qualify for the maximum allowable deduction for income, gift, and estate tax purposes. You can maximize your charitable deductions by “bunching” multiple years of contributions to exceed the tax deduction threshold, while supporting the causes you care about each year.
  4. Community Knowledge
    Our staff is familiar with the nonprofits and needs in Ingham, Clinton and Eaton counties. We can help you make the most informed decisions possible about your giving.
  5. Recognition or Anonymity
    The Community Foundation appreciates the generosity of our donors! Stories of charitable giving can inspire others to give, although anonymity is also available for donors who prefer that option.
  6. Create Community Impact
    The Community Foundation invests back into the community with the annual fees collected from active funds.
  7. Leave Your Legacy
    Through an endowment fund at the Community Foundation, your gifts are protected and work to benefit the causes you care about, today and forever.