Impact Grants

$10,000 to $75,000


Impact grantees may not receive funding in consecutive years.

Impact Grants require a 1:1 cash match be secured before the grant is paid.

Projects must meet at least one of the following Impact Criteria:

  • Significantly increase the long-term impact of an organization or program, not to provide cash assistance for ongoing operations. Operating expenses are defined as routine expenses in an organization’s operating budget, such as costs for ongoing programming, occupancy, administration, etc. We do not award grants for operating deficits. For example: Impact grants will not purchase food for a pantry, but our committee may consider purchasing equipment that would help a food pantry stock healthier options to improve community health.
  • Significantly increase the organization’s ability to reach underserved populations, not to simply serve more people. For example: Impact grants are not designed to increase the number of people utilizing an existing program, but rather to help expand a successful program to serving a new high-need population. You must substantiate the need and provide a detailed sustainability plan.
  • Enable two or more nonprofits to work collaboratively to create transformative and sustainable community change. For example, two organizations serving the same constituents may implement a new or expanded program together that would otherwise be impossible without collaboration.


  • Preliminary application period for 2023 is generally December - Feb, exact dates TBA soon.
  • The Impact Grant Committee reviews the preliminary applications in late February and decides which will be invited to submit a full grant application. Applicants will be notified by March 1.
  • Full applications are due in April, reviewed by committee in mid-June. Final applicants notified by end of June, and the funds available once your organization has secured the 1:1 match.


SAMPLE Impact Grant Preliminary Application (for review only, do not submit.)

SAMPLE Impact Grant FULL Application (for review only, do not submit)

Impact grant applications require a detailed project budget as well as the following attachments:

  1. If applicable, your Fiscal Agent’s letter of endorsement
  2. Your organization’s current operating budget (including all income and expense items)
  3. Letters of Support: At least one, but no more than three, letters of support for your application. Letters should verify the community need for your project and confirm any planned collaborations.
  4. List of board or council members - with their professional positions
  5. Most recent balance sheet – please note that as part of the review process, the Foundation may also request your most recent audit.
  6. If you are applying for a capital purchase, include any photos that may help the committee to understand the scope of the project.