Our Funds

We manage more than 540 funds, covering a vast range of causes and issues directly affecting your community, and you can support the causes and nonprofits you care about most by making a gift to one of our funds.

Search for a fund or nonprofit's name below and follow the steps to donate online. You can also mail us a check with the fund name in the memo line.
If you would like to donate to multiple funds at once, please follow the instructions here.

Also, think about starting your own fund to support a cause you care about most.

Undesignated Fund

Undesignated fund to support charitable projects & activities that best meet the community's current needs.

Field of Interest Fund

To support Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs and activities in our community.

General Fund

To support the Foundation's strategic initiatives, proactive grants and related capacity needs.

Field of Interest Fund

To provide grants to orgnizations serving youth in the tri-county area.

Designated Fund

This option allows you to donate to multiple funds in one transaction. Read the full description for instructions.

Designated Fund

To support the charitable initiatives of the donors, established in memory of Adam Nevells.

Undesignated Fund

To serve the areas of greatest need in the greater Lansing area.

Field of Interest Fund

To provide support, treatment, education, and assistance to youth having significant difficulties in life.

Donor Advised Fund

To support the charitable initiatives of the donors.

Designated Fund

To support St. Vincent Catholic Charities refugee resettlement program.

Agency Fund

To support the American Council of Snowmobile Associations (ACSA).

Agency/Scholarship Fund

To provide scholarships for deserving students in memory of W.D. and Jewell Brewer.