Lansing Public Schools Educational Advancement Foundation - John C. & Joan M. Weaver Scholarship Fund

John and Joan Weaver were both born in Michigan and graduated from Michigan State University. Joan earned her master's degree in education and taught in both Saginaw and Jackson before her marriage. The couple settled in Lansing where John was employed by PBS station WKAR for his entire career and Joan joined the Lansing School District. Joanie's passion was art, and it was her primary subject for the better part of her teaching career. Her love of the visual arts began when she was a small girl. From a very early age she would amaze her parents and others with her ability to sketch figures, flowers and other objects. As she matured, oil and watercolor painting seemed to come naturally. Her husband insisted, however, that sculpture was her greatest form of expression, and her brother would certainly agree.

“My sister's enthusiasm to teach the subject she loved so much transcended any desire to open her own studio. I can remember so clearly how happy she was while telling me how a student reacted when the light bulb went on and he or she realized the talent they possessed. She even attempted to make her class fun for those who took the course on a lark, as an elective, expecting an easy ride. Because of Joan's joy in teaching the visual arts and her husband John's continuous support, we dedicate this scholarship in their memory.”

— Carl J. Huebner, Joan's brother, 2006

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:

Students are selected by the Lansing Educational Advancement Foundation.

-- Student must be a current graduating senior attending a Lansing School District High School

-- Student must provide a high school transcript, personal statement, career goals, an acceptance letter from an accredited 2-year or 4-year community college, college or university

-- Provide a list of extracurricular activities and pertinent background and financial information

-- Provide at least two letters of recommendation

-- Student must fill out the LEAF Scholarship application and submit all materials by the printed due date

-- Submissions will be considered for all appropriate/qualified scholarships using a rubric scoring grid

-- Student will be awarded $500 for one year

-- Only students pursuing a visual arts curriculum will be considered

To apply, please contact: LEAF, (517) 755-3177 or