Sponsorships for Placemaking Events and Activation Projects

The Community Foundation seeks opportunities to sponsor placemaking events and projects that help to activate the core of our region.

As part of its strategic direction, the Community Foundation is committed to creating a vibrant Michigan Avenue corridor and Downtown Lansing riverfront. To complement its capital projects, a limited number of sponsorships are now available for community festivals, events, or other projects that activate the Michigan Avenue corridor between the Capitol and US-127, or the Downtown Lansing riverfront.

Which projects are eligible for consideration?

Only applications for events, festivals, or activation projects within the geographic boundaries defined above will be considered. The Community Foundation does not sponsor permanent art installations or nonprofit fundraising events. Rather, sponsorships are intended for events, festivals, or activation projects that benefit the greater community.

Projects must:

  • take place along the Michigan Avenue corridor or Downtown Lansing riverfront
  • be financially viable
  • help to create a vibrant community
  • have strong support from other community partners
  • be attractive to a diverse audience

How will applications be scored?

A committee will score each application using multiple points within each of the criteria above.


How do I apply?

If you believe your event or project qualifies for a Placemaking Sponsorship, please complete the application below.

As of now, applications are received on a rolling basis and will be considered by committee periodically, but please apply by mid-February for best consideration. Being reviewed on a rolling basis is subject to change based on early applications and remaining funding.


Application questions?

If you need technical assistance while filling out the application, contact Tracy Russman at trussman@ourcommunity.org.