ECCF Eaton Rapids Public Schools - Bernadine Ann Bosier Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mr. Maurice Bosier bequeathed funds to Eaton Rapids Public Schools in 2002 for the purpose of establishing the Bernadine Ann Bosier Memorial Scholarship. Bernadine was the daughter of Maurice and a 1968 graduate of Eaton Rapids High School. Mr. Bosier stipulated in his will that the scholarship be “awarded to a financially needy student” of Eaton Rapids High School. The Eaton Rapids Scholarship Advisory Committee crafted an application to be used in the selection process that reflects the wishes of Mr. Bosier. Recipients are selected by the Eaton Rapids Scholarship Selection Committee. The first recipients were announced at the 2003 Honors Convocation.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:

The scholarship is intended for graduating seniors of Eaton Rapids High School who have been in attendance for their 11th and 12th grades and demonstrated a desire and capacity to learn. Applicants must intend to pursue some type of educational training after high school. All potential candidates shall be considered primarily on the extent of their financial need.

Selection of recipients will be based on:

Minimum GPA of 2.5

Two letters of recommendation, one from a community member and one from a certified staff member. The recommendation should detail information related to the applicant's capacity to reach their goal. Letter of recommendation from staff member needs to be in the field of study.

A personal statement that includes a description of the educational and career goals you hope to achieve; information on the ways you have attempted to help yourself achieve your goals; explanation of financial need.

A copy of a completed FAFSA or income tax document.

A copy of your acceptance letter for college.

To apply, please contact the counseling office at Eaton Rapids High School, (517) 663-2231.