ECCF Eaton Rapids Public Schools - Charles James Dowding Scholarship Fund

Charles James Dowding donated funds to Eaton Rapids Public Schools in 2001 for the purpose of establishing a scholarship fund “to the highest scholastic ranking graduate” of Eaton Rapids High School. Mr. Dowding was a teacher for the Eaton Rapids Public Schools for 14 years, and after his retirement he continued to serve the area school children by volunteering as a crossing guard and as a lunchroom aide.

“He was a nice man, with a very tender heart,” said Northwestern Elementary School secretary Sandy Haubert in 2001. “He never missed a day of volunteering.”

Added District Controller Jim Carl: “He was a faithful volunteer and a really neat guy.”

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:

The Eaton Rapids Scholarship Advisory Committee determined the recipient will be selected by using the nominating formula endorsed by the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals. This formula is also used to select the Academic All-State Team and considers the grade-point average in specific academic subjects and an ACT or SAT score. The recipients are selected by the Eaton Rapids Scholarship Selection Committee. The first recipients were announced at the 2002 Honors Convocation.