ECCF Eaton Rapids Public Schools - David D. Letts Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mrs. Eathel Letts, widow of David D. Letts, donated funds to Eaton Rapids Public Schools in 1990 for the purpose of establishing a scholarship fund in her husband's memory. That fall, Mrs. Letts worked with the guidance staff from the high school to develop an application form reflecting her choice of criteria to be used in the selection of recipients. Mrs. Letts enjoyed meeting the recipients each summer until her death in 1997. The Eaton Rapids Scholarship Advisory Committee has the responsibility of determining the number of awards offered each year as well as the selection of the student(s). The first recipient was announced at the 1991 Honors Convocation.

This scholarship is open to any senior graduating from Eaton Rapids High School who is planning some education beyond the high school level at a community college, technical school or four-year college. The scholarship recipient will be notified at the Honors Convocation and the award will be deposited in the name of the student with the school of their choice. Selection of recipients will be based on a minimum 3.0 GPA, completion of a teacher-recommendation questionnaire, copy of FAFSA and a personal statement (250 words) that includes a description of your educational and career goals and information on ways you have attempted to achieve your goals. To apply, please contact the counseling office at Eaton Rapids High School, (517) 663-2231.