ECCF James N. and Clarabelle Maxey Family Memorial Fund

This scholarship fund was initially established in 2001 by Clarabelle “Katy” Maxey in honor of her late husband, Jim.

“I decided to (establish the fund) because our whole life has been dedicated to helping young people,” Katy said at the time. “Education has always been a top priority in the Maxey family.”

Jim and Katy started Evergreen Angus Farms, which raises Angus cattle primarily for breeding stock, in 1953. As they did not have sons of their own, many area young men came to work on the farm over the years.

“Jim loved the young people coming here. He would teach the kids his moral values – not preaching, just sitting on a bale of hay and talking,” said Katy. “I think the experiences the boys had with Jim were great, and he loved them dearly.”

Longtime Eaton Rapids residents, Jim and Katy were married in 1951 and raised two daughters, Jane and Sarah. In addition to running Evergreen Angus Farms, Jim also worked for Oldsmobile for 37 years and went through GM's apprenticeship program, hence the inclusion of trade schools in the application criteria. Upon the passing of Mrs. Maxey in 2005, the fund was renamed and will forever serve as a legacy to the Maxey's and their lifelong tradition of helping young people.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

The recipients are selected by the Eaton Rapids Scholarship Selection Committee.

This scholarship is intended for graduating seniors of Eaton Rapids High School who have been in attendance for their 11th and 12th grades and demonstrated a desire and capacity to learn. Applicants must intend to pursue some type of educational training after high school. All potential candidates shall be considered not solely on academic achievement and grades, but also on personal initiative and motivation to reach a goal.

Selection of recipients will be based on:

Minimum G.P.A. of 2.5

Completion of a minister or teacher recommendation questionnaire in your field of study

A personal statement (approximately 250 words) that include a description of the educational and career goals you hope to achieve and information on the ways you have attempted to help yourself achieve your goals.

To apply, please contact the counseling office at Eaton Rapids High School, (517) 663-2231.