Maggie Miller Kind Heart Scholarship Fund

Maggie Miller began her teaching career in 1974 at Harbor Springs High School and later served as a guidance counselor at DeWitt High School and then Okemos High School until 2006, when ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) forced her to retire. Affectionately called “Ms. Miller,” Maggie possessed an abundance of energy, humor, empathy and understanding that endeared her to her students, co-workers and her multitude of friends. For two decades, she served the professional associations devoted to student advising and college admissions, winning many awards.

In 2007, the Michigan Association for College Admissions Counseling presented her with the Gramenz Award, its highest honor. Also in 2007, she received the Crystal Apple Award from the College of Education at Michigan State University for her excellence and commitment to her profession.

Her letters of recommendation were legendary among college admission officers, who often commented on the originality, humor, personal detail and thoroughness of her carefully-crafted letters. She consistently said character and service combined with achievement and integrity were paramount to college success.

Maggie was inundated with invitations to attend her students' high school graduation parties. She attended almost every one, arriving with a handwritten and personalized congratulations card, based on her relationship with that student. Maggie passed away in November of 2008.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:

-- Sincere kindness and consideration toward others

-- Unselfish behavior toward others

-- A generous spirit with their time, expertise and assistance

-- A propensity to volunteer without expecting material rewards in return

-- Unwavering work ethic

-- Strength of character

-- Post-secondary education goals

Students are nominated by Okemos High School teachers and staff. The Maggie Miller Kind Heart Scholarship Committee, comprised of school counselors, the guidance office secretary, and one teacher, reviews the nominees and selects the recipient.