Mason Promise Scholarship Fund

Established in 2005 to provide scholarships to selected students from the Mason School District who may need extra encouragement and support to graduate from high school. Encouragement and support will consist of mentoring students throughout their public school years to establish career goals, eventually leading to a two-year scholarship at Lansing Community College if the “Promise” is fulfilled.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:

-- 25 students will be selected annually from Mason Public School's fifth-grade class for enrollment in the scholarship program.

-- Criteria admittance includes limited financial resources, limited parental support, academic capability, motivation and behavior.

-- The students and their parent/guardian must sign an agreement to “promise” to do the best they can in school, have good attendance, follow the school code of conduct and participate in the events provided by the “Promise” Scholarship Committee.

-- When the “Promise” student completes their contract, they will be awarded a two-year scholarship to Lansing Community College, including tuition, books and materials.

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