Smith-Marisch Music Education Scholarship Fund

To provide college scholarships for male students graduating from local high schools pursuing a career in vocal music education or professional vocal music performance.

Established by Paul Marisch and Warren Smith, a Dimondale couple who had a happy predicament. After retiring from their careers with the State of Michigan and saving and building assets, Marisch said, “Going from work to retirement, things change. We needed to go from being savers to being spenders, otherwise our tax liability is going to be bigger.”

They considered their options. The couple have no children and they liked the idea of leaving a local legacy, so they decided to make their community one of their heirs by establishing the Smith-Marisch Music Education Scholarship Fund.

“We want to encourage guys to get into music,” Smith said. “If there's a scholarship option for music education or vocal performance, that may tip the scales for a student.”

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:

Recipients will be chosen by the high school's advisory committee. Each recipient will be eligible to have his scholarship renewed for up to four additional years, provided that the recipient meets his college's requirements for satisfactory academic progress toward achieving a degree, and is still pursuing a program of study intended to prepare him for a career in vocal music education or vocal music performance.

-- Priority will be given to students from Grand Ledge High School

-- The potential for a student to develop into an excellent vocal music teacher or instructor, or an outstanding professional vocal music performer

-- A student's character

-- A student's academic performance

-- A student's financial need and the cost of tuition at the school he intends to attend