Underground of Good Fund

The Underground of Good is an informal, membership-based giving group that targets young professionals who wish to invest in the greater Lansing community to help it thrive today and forever. Together, members select and award grants to causes they care about in the community. Prior to the establishment of the Underground of Good with the Community Foundation, a group of Lansing philanthropists formed organically in December 2013. Since its inception, the Underground of Good has already donated more than $17,000 to nine nonprofits in mid-Michigan. Quarterly gifts have ranged from $1,000 to $3,600.

Members contribute $500 annually, of which $400 is allocated to the spendable portion of the fund for quarterly grantmaking. The remaining $100 is allocated to the “endowed,” or non-spendable, portion of the fund. Earnings will be pooled with the fund’s spendable assets to increase grantmaking once the endowment reaches $100,000.

Learn more about membership in the Underground of Good here.